100 Hispanic Baby Girl Names That Are Popular and Unique

Welcome, Alana, Abril and Amalia!

There are lots of factors that go into choosing the "right" baby name. Do you want something trendy or unusual? Do you want to find something new, or go with an old family name?

One way that some parents choose to honor their heritage is by picking a a name that comes from their culture. If you're in that mode and are looking for Hispanic girl names, there's good news: It's not hard to come up with a long list of beautiful choices.

Some are already popular, climbing the lists of the most popular names in the United States. Others are gaining steam with Spanish-speaking parents in the U.S., but haven't become so common that they're rising to the top of the most-popular lists. Still other names are popular in different Spanish-speaking countries, but haven't found their way to the U.S yet, so you'll snag them before they're listed on every daycare cubby in every school across the country. No matter which one you pick, you'll have a beautiful name for your baby girl.

These are already some of the most popular baby girl names in the country.

When it comes to anything baby-name related, the foremost authority is the Social Security Administration, which keeps track of the use of baby names in the United States. The SSA put out its list of the most popular baby names for girls (and also for boys), and there are some that broke into the top spots that are either Spanish or Latin in origin. These names include:

  1. Olivia
  2. Ava
  3. Isabella
  4. Camila
  5. Luna
  6. Emily
  7. Victoria
  8. Aurora
  9. Nova
  10. Emilia

    For in interesting comparison, the SSA also keeps a separate list of the most-popular names in Puerto Rico. There, the top 10 names are Valentina, Victoria, Emma, Mia, Amaia, Isabella, Mikaela, Ainhoa, Amanda and Luna.

    BabyCenter tracks the use of names from its Spanish-speaking audience.

    BabyCenter keeps track chose baby names among its users. It also has a Spanish-language site, BabyCenter en Español, which is used by Hispanic parents in the United States and in 22 Spanish-speaking countries, the site notes. These were the most popular baby girl names on BabyCenter en Español in 2021 that don't already appear on the SSA most popular list for the United States or Puerto Rico.

    1. Sofía
    2. Martina
    3. Lucía
    4. Luciana
    5. Catalina
    6. Elena
    7. Julieta
    8. Mía
    9. Valeria
    10. Amelia
    11. Regina
    12. Renata
    13. Sara
    14. Antonella
    15. Lia
    16. Aitana
    17. Ximena
    18. Samantha
    19. Alma
    20. Daniela
    21. Paula
    22. Zoe
    23. Mariana
    24. Natalia
    25. Romina
    26. Julia
    27. Alana
    28. Abigail
    29. Josefina
    30. Roma
    31. Chloe
    32. Lara
    33. Clara
    34. Delfina
    35. Miranda
    36. Gianna
    37. Fernanda
    38. Celeste
    39. Guadalupe
    40. Paulina

      In addition, Carla, Alessia, Alice, Manuela, Rebeca, Macarena, Amparo and Ariadna made it into the top 100 for the first time. Alana was the fastest climber, jumping up more than 50 places.

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      These names are hot in Spain, but aren't too common in the United States.

      If you're looking for a unique Hispanic girl name, Nameberry has found some names that are very popular in Spain, but haven't become as common in the United States as Isabella and Olivia. Here are some they suggest that haven't yet made it onto the SSA or BabyCenter lists.

      1. Maria
      2. Paula
      3. Alba
      4. Noa
      5. Vega
      6. Claudia
      7. Jimena
      8. Abril
      9. Ana
      10. Laia
      11. Triana
      12. Candela
      13. Alejandra
      14. Vera
      15. Adriana
      16. Ines
      17. Marta
      18. Carlota
      19. Irene
      20. Blanca

        Closer to home, these are the most popular baby girl names in Mexico.

        Names.org compiled a list of the most popular Mexican baby names, which also includes names of Aztec (Nahuatl) origin. While there are some repeats, there are some interesting additions as well.

        1. Isabella
        2. Juanita
        3. Carmen
        4. Angel
        5. Lula
        6. Guadalupe
        7. Liliana
        8. Yesenia
        9. Kassandra
        10. Lizbeth
        11. Maritza
        12. Susana
        13. Noemi
        14. Perla
        15. Esperanza
        16. Nayeli
        17. Lupe
        18. Araceli
        19. Dulce
        20. Lilliana
        21. Itzel
        22. Lesly
        23. Estrella
        24. Josefina
        25. Rocio
        26. America
        27. Maricela
        28. Lizette
        29. Angelita
        30. Mariela

          Looking over these lists, you can see certain trends: Many of the names are similar to the ones on the top of the SSA list, but some have been given a slight twist to make them stand out a little more. Names that start with "Al-" are trending up, like Alma, Alana and Alba. And celestially-inspired names also seem to be on the rise, like Nova, Aurora and Luna. But whether you go with these trends or find something uniquely your own, you're sure to pick the perfect moniker.

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